Thursday, December 8, 2016

Not Sure Dad Would Dig It

A lot of people don’t understated how my dad was, what kind of man he was.  He wasn’t one for excess attention.  Actually, he wasn’t one that liked attention at all.  He was all about family, community, communication, but he never wanted the spotlight on him.  So, it’s kind of a funny irony that the winery’s logo is the Penny-Farthing bike he gave to me, which to many of us symbolizes him and our family, the idea of family itself.  He wouldn’t want the connection to him.  He wouldn’t want any of this attention we give him.  I have to laugh, though…
And the Tribute label that we do, the wines that so many of our club members love and wait for, for about a year each time actually, he’d hate it.  He’d be mortified.  Again, he was a private guy.  Big philanthropist, people recognized him for the good work that he did for the community, everyone knew it was him but he did it anonymously.  He refused to have his name attached to anything.  So, now that it’s been ten years since his passing (can’t believe it), I thought I should let people know him a little better (which he would probably also not like), and I think it’s important people recognize what Dutcher entails, and where it really starts.
The newest release of the Tribute series, a ’15 Pinot Noir, has a cribbage board on front, as the label.  This is an embrace of what cribbage is to our family, how Dad would take us out regularly to play.  This is a way to not only further educate people on the Dutcher Crossing brand, but also to share our family’s traditions with club members and people visiting the winery.  Although Dad would love that we’re raising money for melanoma research, he definitely wouldn’t want the ‘tribute’ to him.  This latest release, with the cribbage board as the label, is my favorite so far.  The next Tribute project, for 2017, will be a collaborative effort between the Mathy family business and Dutcher Crossing winery.  And, that’s another thing Dad loved.  Bringing people together, everyone having an input and sharing in the story and what we do.  But, I laugh again…  If he found out it was all about him, and everything at the winery starts with him, he’d kill us.
Ten years since he’s passed.  The story starts with him, and keeps going with him.  That’s how we tell the DCW story.  The story’s about family, community.  He didn’t want attention, but he has everyone’s attention.  From him coming out here with me over and over looking for wineries, helping me fulfill my dream of owning a winery, all of it.  This is how I honor my father and share his story as well as mine.  Again, would he like it?  No.  He would hate the focus on him, but he would love everyone coming together and enjoying what we enjoy here at Dutcher.

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