Thursday, December 15, 2016

He Called My Dog Fat!

I had the president of the Kiwanis Club over to my house for a meeting, not knowing he was the president.  While over at my house, he made a remark that got my attention, and not in a good way.  He called Dutchess “fat”.  Not suggesting she was fat, or overweight.  He just called her “fat”.  As it happened, this would be the first year that Dutcher Crossing Winery would be going to the Kiwanis Club to get a Christmas tree.  Dutchess decided to take a nap in the back of the car.  The president came out and greeted me, and I thought, “What’s he doing here?  That’s the son-of-a-gun that called Dutchie ‘fat’.” This was exciting, getting a tree for the winery and building a new relationship in the community, but I never knew a coincidence like this would happen.  I did not see this coming.  I mean, this is what I came out here for, odd moments and funny moments like this.  “He said what?” I still say to myself.  After seeing me pull up to the tree lot, his and all his co-workers’ tone changed.  They got me whatever tree I wanted, and did everything quicker than quick.  I held this over his head for years, and I got special treatment as a result.  I rarely get customer service as good as this.  That is, up until recently.
This year, 2016, I sent a couple of my guys to get a tree.  Everyone there was sad that we, Dutchess and I, didn’t come.  Come to find out, my guys left my credit card there.  So now, they make fun of me, and have the upper hand on me.  They joke with me…  “UGH!” I think, “I had the upper-hand for six years, and now it’s there turn.” I kick myself for letting the guys go.  “Ugh,” I say again to myself, “really?” But here I am, taking heat (friendly heat) after a six year reign.  I love this relationship because we can joke like this, the back-and-forth of it all.  This is part of the community that I love, and what I didn’t anticipate coming out here from Wisconsin.
        I’m trying to think of a way to get the upper-hand again.  Don’t have any ideas yet, but I’m open to suggestions.  Or, maybe I’ll just see how it goes.  That’s what the community is here in Dry Creek and Sonoma County.  Yes, we do business, but we have fun with each other as well.  I mean, calling my dog fat…  Some might say those are fightin’ words.  But not around here.  We make it fun.