Friday, October 14, 2016

Lots of Olive, Very Little Oil

We set out onto the property, the entire team.  It was Nick, our winemaker’s, idea.  So we decided as a whole crew that we’d pick them.  We ruled that a day in mid-October would be best.  It’s not easy work, picking olives.  We knew this.  I mean, you have to rake them off, you have to pick them off the ground, you have to get nets and you’re getting poked in the face by branches, and scratched everywhere…  Yeah, it’s a LOT of work.  But we were up for it.  There were a lot of olives to pick.  And I mean a lot.  Close to 900 pounds.  But we all went out there.  We wanted to make some olive oil from the Dutcher property and show it off, enjoy it ourselves at home, at the dinner table—something in addition to the beautiful wines our production team produces every vintage.

At the end of the mission, all of us launching into the vineyard’s outer borders for the sake of making olive oil, we wound up with about 3 cases of Dutcher Crossing olive oil.  Three cases!  It was fun watching everyone get competitive, watching the guys wanting to beat the girls, and vice versa.  It got intense, but not too serious.  This is one of the memories over my nearly ten years as owner that I’ll look back on and smile, laugh.  But what also makes me laugh is, as I said, THREE CASES.  “Three cases?  After all that work?  After all those scratches?  After all that time on the ground?”  Not too many talking about picking olives this year, I’ve noticed.  Not a problem, though.  We have those memories of the crew picking branch pieces and olives out of their hair, and off their clothes.. the battle wounds.  It was a great team bonding experience, at least in my mind, and reminded all of us how lucky we are not only to work here, but work with each other.  Seeing the girls in competition with the boys made me laugh more than a couple times.  It was fun, just plain old fun.

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