Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fortunate to Have My Team at Dutcher

It was St. Patrick’s Day a few years ago, and someone on the property said they saw a man sleeping by the house at the front of the property, by the barn.  When this was all unfolding, I was in the estate house enjoying a nice corn beef and cabbage dinner behind a gate.  So I’m thinking, “I’m safe, but who knows about everyone else and what this guy’s up to.” I call our assistant winemaker, Nick, and he went out to go see what was going on.  He didn’t like the idea of an intruder on the estate any more than I did.  So he went out there in the Prius we had at the time.  A joke rang in my head, “Huh, chasing down intruders in a Prius.  Of course, only in California.” Anyway, Nick went down to the house to see what was going.  He parked right by the house, off the side of the road.  It was pretty hot that day, so Nick looked all around the house, heard something moving around, and off to the left he found the man in the shade, laying down.  “What are you doing?” Nick asked.  
“Oh nothing, I’m just hiding from the cops,” he said. “I’m just laying here.”
“Well you can’t stay here. It’s private property.”
“Can I have a hundred dollars?”
“Sorry, man, you gotta go.” Nick finished.
So he left.  Nick stayed put, just to make sure he didn’t try to double-back, re-situate in the shade and have the whole thing happen again.
        Later, some of the crew saw him walking down Dry Creek Road, and we thought he might try to hide out on the property again.  We had an event that day with small bags of popcorn so naturally we all grabbed a bag, jumped in the Prius, and got back into pursuit mode.  We looked up and down Dry Creek Road.  Nothing… looked around a little more, still nothing.  We were in the clear.  What this shows me is that even though we spend so much time together here at work, and we count on each other in this professional context, I know, and we all know, that we can always call on each other for help with something not-so-related to work, and they’ll be there.  I can always say to someone at Dutcher, “I need help,” and they’ll be there.  Huh, I think now and find it funny this happened on St. Patty’s day, ‘cause I realized, yet again, how lucky I am to have the team I do.

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