Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mom, the Magic and the Cookies

An integral part of the winery’s story, obviously, but many don’t know why.  Of course, there’s the Kupferschmid Red that we occasionally pour in the tasting room, a popular red blend of Rhône varietals grown on the estate.  But, many of you don’t know about the cookies she makes for events around the holidays.  Mom brings the tradition and the flavor of the midwest to the winery, and in deliciously addictive form.

We hold a holiday release for one of our clubs during the holidays, and I didn’t want my 70 year-old mom on her feet pouring.  So, she offered to make cookies.  “How many do you need?” she asked.  “About 500,” I told her.  She wanted to make three or four kinds of cookies.  I said she could just make one.  But I told Mom the next year, after the club had grown quite a bit, we needed 2,000 cookies.  Mom looked at me, just trying to figure out how we’d find the space to make this large cache of cookies.  It took quite a bit of time, believe me.  I mean, we had to tie the little ribbons, make sure they were all presentable for the party.  Oh, and she made around 15 different kinds of cookies.  That’s Mom.

As the years went on, my brothers started to get quite angry with me, letting Mom make all these different types of cookies, prepping all year hunting for new recipes.  By this time, she’s around 75 or 76.  And the club had grown even larger.  So… more cookies.  “What do you mean you want Mom to make 4,000 cookies?” Steve blared at me.  “She wanted to, Steve, she wants to!” I shot back.  We agree to have my brothers’ wives help Mom our, cooking tireless in the house on the winery’s property.  The storage fridge was full.  And I mean FULL.

We couldn’t get the cookies the club members got.  The cookies had to be broken or not up to Mom’s standards, then would could get some.  So, when Mom wasn’t looking, we’d break one and say something like, “Whoop! This one broke!”, so we could get our own.  That was the only way we could enjoy Mom’s amazing cookie recipes.

Eventually, we would make bundt cakes for the members, as the cookie got to be too exhausting.  Mom still insists on taking care of the wine club family, bringing the midwest traditions to the winery.  Where I come from, when you have people over for dinner or any kind of gathering, you make the food yourself.  You don’t order in.

Mom still insists on helping, as I said.  For this holiday season coming up, we’ll be doing the Bundt cakes again, and we’ll continue to give out some of Mom’s favorite cookie recipes.  I won’t lie, I miss the cookies, but I don’t want her doing too much.  She’s done more than enough for me, and the winery.  Member, as well.  They depend on her magic at every holiday gathering.  Oh… and then there’s the peanut brittle and caramels she makes.  That’s another blog post, I promise.  But just know this: there’s nothing like Mom’s cookies and cakes, and her dedication to feeding the people that come over, treating everyone that comes over like family.  This is a family-owned winery, and no one reinforces that like my mother.  And her cookies.

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