Friday, June 24, 2016

The Hot Tub

     When you live where you work, you have to be a bit more mindful of, well, everything.  It was May of ’07, right when I bought Dutcher Crossing, I was already smitten by the growing vines, and one morning I thought I’d start the day with a little dip.  I thought, “What a nice way to start the day, look at the beautiful vines that are growing…” So I got in.  Then all of a sudden, four or five vineyard crew members were just beyond the trees, walking toward the house.  And again, the trees weren’t as big as they are now.  So the protection and privacy was minimal.  I didn’t know they started that early, and by ‘that early” I’m talking just after 5 in the morning.

     Owning a winery is like a string of lessons.  And this one, well, was an interesting one.  I woke up that morning and thought casually that there would be nothing around me but these vines, and the maturing trees.  Enjoy my morning, like anyone else.  But when I saw those guys walking toward the vines just beyond the lawn, it was clear:  I own a winery, I live at that winery, and I can’t be in the tub at the day’s beginning. 

     I was still getting used to the routine, I thought I’d be in and out and not connect with anyone.  Well, no.  It was a shock, and a valuable realization, that I live where I work, and work always comes first.  So I threw a towel on and shot into my bedroom.  I think of this and laugh, it was a little embarrassing but like I’ve said with these other stories, I laugh now.  Whenever I’m at the estate house, which isn’t that often anymore, but when I am and I see that hot tub, this is what I think of.

     So, you only hot-tub when the moon’s out.  Got it.

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