Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Something I Wanted to Share

It’s been nearly ten years since I took possession of Dutcher Crossing.  I can barely believe it, honestly.  Some of the stories I have to tell, I feel like I have to share with you, and want to because it’s contributed to who we are today and what this winery’s all about.  Family.  Having fun.  Fully enjoying where we live and work.  Appreciating life out here in wine country, which has been a dream of mine since 15.  Well, here I am, “living the dream” as they say, and the dream is still going.  The stories keep coming.  As best I can, I’m going to try and relay what happened, when it happened, tell my story as a vintner.  And again, many times the story in my head will just remind me it’s there and demands that I share it.

So, I’ve decided to write out some of these stories, in no particular order as sometimes I’ll be walking the vineyard with Dutchie and ‘boom!’, one hits me.  So many of them weren’t funny at the time, but looking back I can only laugh.  And like I said, TEN YEARS.  Ten years of laughs, don’t know how many blending sessions, tours, sales trips, interactions with growers I’ve had.  A lot.  I still sometimes look out at the Chardonnay block, up at the hill, and think, “Wow, okay…  This is my office.”

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