Tuesday, January 11, 2011

07 Taylor Reserve Cabernet and Football

Life always seems like it moving so fast and there are times I forget to stop and smell the roses. I really need to do that and sometimes it takes the smallest thing to put me back on the correct path. While spending the afternoon sitting and tasting my way through all of our current releases with a few winery friends, it dawned on me that I should be doing that more-simply put, it was fun. Too many times I am focused on the next vintage and pushing towards the future-I space enjoying the present. That's completely wrong to do and I vowed to change it yesterday afternoon.

After a long evening at a school board meeting, my brain was fried and I was not in the best of moods, One might say the my bubble was burst after a nice day. I didn't want to think about anything but watching the national championship NCAA football game and enjoying a glass of wine. Our Taylor Reserve Cabernet is usually my wine of choice-last night was no different but I decided to open the current release of Taylor. I've been drinking the 04 vintage for the last several years and have been in love with it so I have no clue what got into me to jump to the 07. The last time I had tasted it, it was still so very young that it seemed like a tight tannin bomb. Syrah was screaming to be noticed on the palate and nothing about the Cabernet was present. So I was a little hesitant about this glass. Thought I would have to let it breathe for quite a bit but I was pleasantly surprised. It is starting to showcase some beautiful classic Taylor Cabernet fruit on the palate and a smoky cigar aroma on the nose. As it opened it, I was pleased by the layers that continued to open up. This is going to be a beautiful wine to be enjoyed now and over the next 15 years. I had a lovely glass of wine which made up for my team not prevailing against Auburn. All in all, a very good night.