Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wine... Ice Cream...!

For those of you that have heard me rant and rave about sorbet and ice cream, you'll appreciate the day I had today. I absolutely love sorbet and think it's the next best thing to wine. Now, I love analyzing flavors on my palate when I sip a great glass of wine however dissecting sorbet was a different experience. Who cares how different it was-I LOVED IT!

A small producer walked 2 of us through a tasting (just like a wine tasting flight) and it challenged my senses and taste buds. I needed to learn the descriptors for this product. I knew what I was tasting but was having a hard time putting names to the flavors. i improved as the tasting progressed and now I'm ready for the next tasting. We gave our suggestions and we were invited to the plant to participate in the making of some of the flavors. Life was great today. Can;t wait until I can visit the factory but until then-check this item off my bucket list.

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