Monday, August 30, 2010

Dutchess takes a second look at the dropped fruit

All weekend the crews were out in Dutcher Crossing vineyard and Dutchess was been a bit irritated. I'm not really sure if she was confused thinking we already dropped fruit so what the heck were they doing. She understands routines and this year, our routine changed due to the weather and the farming adjustments. She just surveyed the grapes this morning as usually the second time she sees red grapes in between the rows that are sweet and Mom is pulling her away so she doesn't eat them. She always likes the game of stealing a ripe cluster and running around while I try to chase her. I didn't chase her and the grapes didn't taste so sweet and she quickly dropped the fruit with a confused expression.

Sorry Dutchess but by the looks and taste of things, it's going to be several weeks before we can play steal the cluster game. Hopefully harvest will start in 2 weeks in our Sauvignon Blanc block.

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