Monday, August 30, 2010

Dutchess takes a second look at the dropped fruit

All weekend the crews were out in Dutcher Crossing vineyard and Dutchess was been a bit irritated. I'm not really sure if she was confused thinking we already dropped fruit so what the heck were they doing. She understands routines and this year, our routine changed due to the weather and the farming adjustments. She just surveyed the grapes this morning as usually the second time she sees red grapes in between the rows that are sweet and Mom is pulling her away so she doesn't eat them. She always likes the game of stealing a ripe cluster and running around while I try to chase her. I didn't chase her and the grapes didn't taste so sweet and she quickly dropped the fruit with a confused expression.

Sorry Dutchess but by the looks and taste of things, it's going to be several weeks before we can play steal the cluster game. Hopefully harvest will start in 2 weeks in our Sauvignon Blanc block.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DCW Crew Visits Taylor Vineyard

The Taylor Reserve Cabernet is one of our flag ship Cabernets at Dutcher Crossing. That being said, the crew needs to have a great understanding of what makes it special to Kerry and I. I absolutely adore that vineyard, the owners and the wine produced from their grapes. Both the vineyard owners and us are so commit ed to each other that we agreed to graft over some vines so our production could increase over the years. Have to love that commitment to each other.

My staff will have a great time but I haven't told the ones who will sit in the back of the pick up my first visit story. Probably a good thing too. Pat told me to watch the tailgate as it could open and I chose to ignore it as who would put us there if it was an issue. Well, people should heed Pat's warning. As we were climbing the steep hill, the tail gate opened and out I tumbled! Ran to catch up to truck and knocked on drivers window to have him stop. Was just the start of an interesting day as I finished the day in Pat's Port cellar. You can only imagine tasting through all his ports!

So my advise to the crew is listen when Pat's says watch the tailgate (I've heard it hasn't been fixed) and wear your running shoes! I hope they have a great time and Pat doesn't loss any of them on the hill.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wine... Ice Cream...!

For those of you that have heard me rant and rave about sorbet and ice cream, you'll appreciate the day I had today. I absolutely love sorbet and think it's the next best thing to wine. Now, I love analyzing flavors on my palate when I sip a great glass of wine however dissecting sorbet was a different experience. Who cares how different it was-I LOVED IT!

A small producer walked 2 of us through a tasting (just like a wine tasting flight) and it challenged my senses and taste buds. I needed to learn the descriptors for this product. I knew what I was tasting but was having a hard time putting names to the flavors. i improved as the tasting progressed and now I'm ready for the next tasting. We gave our suggestions and we were invited to the plant to participate in the making of some of the flavors. Life was great today. Can;t wait until I can visit the factory but until then-check this item off my bucket list.