Monday, July 12, 2010

Trying to be a Country Girl but...

So I didn't grow up in a large city like Chicago or Los Angeles but I certainly wasn't a farm girl from Wisconsin. Don't ask me how but I forget I live in the country. What makes me realize I am in the country or on a ranch now are the snake sightings! For all those lovers of snakes, please don't take offense as I understand their importance in the world and even more in the country but I can't say I want to see them during my walks.

First sighting was a very large rattle snake not too far from our blackberry bushes. Sunning itself and relaxing until Dutchess decided to have a sniff. needless to say but I freaked out. Poor Dutchess heard a blood curdling scream and high tailed it home. Snake knew we were there after that. It coiled up and I took off! I went and got a shovel (that is what everyone tells me to carry on my walks). Started to return to "chop the head off" and decided that was a very bad idea. Knowing my luck, I would miss and then I would have a very angry snake.

Moral of the story and walking in the vineyard-CARRY A SHOVEL AND DON'T WALK BY A DRIED UP CREEK!

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