Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain and Wine Tasting

Today it's pouring rain and Dutchess' first choice is to be outside and mine is to be home in front of the fireplace. However, reality takes both of us to the winery as there is work to be done. Our first task is checking on the winemakers and status of the wines in tanks usually. Today, Dutchess decided that she needed to stay and supervise-she didn't want Dan or me to go into the office and work. She's a pure Labrador!

What can I say but Dutchess knew something I did not-people would be coming to taste today. She absolutely refused to come into the office-she sat in breezeway waiting to greet everyone. She walked in everyone into the tasting room and would sit by the fire for awhile. Downfall was she was restless and would want to go for a walk every hour! Wet dog, fire place and tasting wine-you can only imagine. People were happy from start to finish today. They were looking for a good time and experience and hopefully, that is what we provided.

I couldn't help but wonder if I would go wine tasting in the rain. I think so with the right people. Sitting by a fire tasting different wine sounds like it's worth braving the rain. One thing I did observe was the fact many of the tasters met new friends in our tasting room. Many ended up going to lunch and other wineries with each other. Sounds like a good day overall on a rainy wine country day.

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