Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harvest Complete in the Vineyards

Harvest is complete in the vineyards and Dutchess is dog tired. Personally, I think she's a bit depressed as she loved hanging with the winemakers. The last fruit arrived in Monday morning-our late harvest Sauvignon Blanc. So the remaining work to do is happening on our crush pad and in our tanks. The winemakers are hard at work punching down and monitoring the fermentation's. Downfall is Dutchess doesn't understand why she can't help and supervise. Dan is now to the point that she can help prep the empty barrels prior to them being filled with wine. She works on cleaning up the water from that process.

As for the the wines in tank-they're really darn good. Dan spends 3-4 mornings a week tasting me through each wine. Worst part of this was a photographer was on the crush pad shooting Dan and I and I really did not want to be filmed spitting. Let me just say-my stomach was far from happy that day. It seems like I should have a favorite for the harvest but not yet-they are all going to be really special in their own way. Dutchess has her favorite-Sauvignon Blanc! Some thing just never change.

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