Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day of Harvest 2009

First day of Harvest 2009 begins in our Sauvignon Blanc block. Really a great step for us as this is the first taken from the Sauvignon Blanc block we planted in 2007. Came in with 24.5 Brix and nice grassy,citrus flavors and a lovely hint of honey. Our Viognier arrived with similar sugars and incredible floral characteristics. Preston Sauvignon Blanc is at the core of our Sauvignon Blanc program-it arrived through out the morning around 23.5 Brix and having it's great tropical notes showing in the fruit already.

Of course, the first day of harvest can't go perfectly. We had a slight mechanical breakdown with resulted in Wolf climbing on top of the press and shoveling in grapes from the bin Dan held with the fork lift. Good thing it cooled off a bit today and wasn't 106 degrees again.

Next fruit due in is-Maple Zinfandel! Kerry is checking sugars tomorrow and will make the call. Unless something changes-Friday 9/10 the Maple Zinfandel arrives.

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