Friday, July 17, 2009

Wine and Romance

As I travel back to the USA from Australia, I can't help but ponder the idea of high end reds and screw cap closures. Please don't take this as complaining about Australia or their wines-both were incredible. But traveling with 2 18 yr old girls and this being their first experience drinking wine, made me realize just how different a first time this was compared to mine.

The young ladies asked me my opinion on wine and what it means to me-yikes- as that's a open door and I do always have opinions. Part of the culture for me is the romance that goes along with the product. Part of it is discovering how the wine ages over time. I could go on and on but those are just a few. The girls were loving the screw cap as they, as did I at 18, had little experience with cork screws. It made the wine approachable and far less intimating to them-this is a great advantage to the screw cap closure. I do hope they experience that dates in collage where their boyfriends uncorks a bottle over a romantic dinner. Being young adults from the Midwest, they had a hard time understanding that high end wines come with screw top closures as they associate it with cheap $4-5 wines. Who can blame them! I grew up with the cheap wines being screw top wines too. Some of my fondest memories in college had a cheap wine-that's all I could afford at that time.

In time, I do think they'll realize that the closures will no longer represent the quality of the wines. There generation loves all the environmentally conscientious movements made in the world. Are we sure screw caps are for all wines? I, for one, can't say that. But I do think there is a place for those wines in our lives. I just hope their boyfriends still hold true to tradition and romance and buy cork!

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