Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clone 809 Chardonnay Block Under Way

The long wait is finally over. Our Chardonnay block is finally being planted. The original Cabernet vines were ripped out following the 2006 harvest and the block sat fallow until this year. Why? Several reasons come into play for the extra prep time. Kerry and I approached the replant from all angles. This is something that will be with us for the next 25+ years so we took our time and thought through all options. The Founders of the winery believed we should have replanted with Cabernet Sauvignon to double our Proprietor's Reserve Cab program. Expanding to the volume with that specific SKU would have forced us to start eliminating some of our Vineyard Designate programs which was not going to happen. OK, so we decided not to go the Cabernet route but our original reports we received from the Founders pointed to reds being the logical approach for the replant.

Kerry just wasn't biting on the original report so we had another one reworked. As he expected and had been stating all along, a white varietal was the path we needed to go. Works well for us as we have been developing a PR white concept anyways. OK, so Chardonnay is not the typical varietal to plant up here but it will ROCK. Clone 809 will have a lovely floral characteristic and of course, be a food friendly wine.

For Kerry and I, we firmly believe that we need to plant the correct varietal for the Terroir. We have no need to force something into the land so it fits our program. Our goal is to produce the best wine possible with the best fruit. If all goes well, our vision should be realized with a food friendly wine to be enjoyed with a great meal and good friends.

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