Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Wines score 91pts and 95pts

Our two newest vineyard designate wines have shown quite well right out of the shoot. As you know, we rarely submit the wines to be scored but Kerry wanted to submit them. With that being said, we decided who better to submit to that the Connoisseurs Guide to California Wines. Very well respected for specializing in CA wines. The 2007 Bernier Sibary Zinfandel earned 95pts! During our final blending session, Kerry said off hand that it had the potential to be a 95pt wine-WOW, Good Call Ker. The 2007 Maple Zinfandel "Bill's Block" come out of the gate with 91pts. Congratulations to the winemakers-job well done for your first time working with the fruit. Someone once told me that it take 10 years to understand a vineyard and ten more to understand how to work with the fruit from that specific vineyard. If that's correct, Dutcher Crossing and the winemakers have great things in store for the DCW family.

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