Friday, April 24, 2009

Sometimes one can only shake one's head.

I spend last night in a round table discussing the wine business and I came away shaking my head. It amazes me at how differently people look at the hospitality business. With the economic issues, many people are traveling more to get their brand out to the public and wineries are participating differently in events. Many of the people I sat across the table from yesterday complained about "having to be on" all the time as well has having to be public 24/7 for the brand. all I thought was COME ON PEOPLE!

We work hard everyday trying to craft great wines and create wonderful wine country experiences-why wouldn't we enjoy bringing them forward for people to partake? In my opinion, some people have lost the understanding that we create a product that goes to the public. It's our public that makes our brand successful. We (as direct to consumer business model or even if one goes through the three tier channels) can't thrive as a business on medals or scores alone. We must want to connect to those who enjoy, sell and represent our wines. Those of us that are open to the public should understand and welcome the commitment we have taken. It's not 100% about the wine solely any more-it's the entire package we offer. I'm proud of the complete package we present and therefore use that in our marketing message. We sell ourselves and the wine to people-how else can we do that but bond with the public on the personal level. If that means traveling and/or pouring at events, I say bring it on!

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julie lumgair said...

Agree 110% and appreciate the post.