Monday, April 20, 2009

Passport Week

Passport weekend is approaching quickly and we are trying to ramp things up. With close to 2000 people expected to come thru the doors, the DCW has been hard at work readying the site. Our wines are ready to barrel taste-the 2008 Maple Zinfandel-Bill's Block, 2007 Cooney Cabernet Sauvignon and our newest vineyard, Maboroshi Vineyard Pinot Noir. We selected an incredible cheese to pair with our barrel samples. Our food and wine pairing stations are the focus of the event for DCW. The roasted rosemary grapes have become our signature with our Stuhlmuller Chardonnay so that will be here for sure. With our Sauvignon Blanc, we put a little twist to our shrimp pairing-just a little heads up to those who are attending Passport. The third station has this rockin' lamb dip (OK, so french dip is my favorite sandwich-what can I say but YUM) paired with one of our Cabernet Sauvignon. Inside our tasting room is our newest release-2006 PORT-we'll definitely have something with chocolate to pair with that wine (my mom is in charge of that pairing).

Passport is the Wine Growers of Dry Creek's big event and we happily participate. It allows the valley to show the points that make us unique. We're a valley who grows (and grows well) several different varietals-from Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel to Syrah. I'm going to make a very bias comment here but I do believe that we have the most beautiful valley in all of Sonoma. So I hope people come enjoy the scenery, hospitality and great wine. This valley (as with a few others) have the untouched genuine family feeling of what wine country experience use to be 20 years ago.


Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful visit to the winery on Passport weekend, enjoyed meeting everyone, tasting all the wines and food. Visiting Dutcher Crossing was the highlight of our trip. Being the chocoholic I am I was hoping to get a copy of your Mom's cookie recipe -- I'd love to bake a batch to have with my port! Thanks again for a great time, John and Angela Meadows

Debra Mathy said...

Absolutely you can have a Mom's recipe for the cookies. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll get it off to you.