Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Dinner

Easter fast approaches and I haven't figured out the meal. This is going to sound terrible but every menu that I put to paper seems to limit me with the wine I can serve. The weather is absolutely beautiful and a heavy meal don't inspire me at the moment. As for ham, I never seem to hit a home run with that wine pairing. I'm loving the idea of Italian but one of my guests thinks French sounds good. I don't know, the idea of numerous one pot dishes came up. The best part of this day will be the guests. They are the type of people that adore wine and love to explore the unknown in wine. Would like the food offering to allow the possibility to pull some fun wine from the cellar. The best part of wine for me is sharing/experiencing/discovering each bottle with those I love-Easter sounds like the perfect time to pull a few of those special ones.

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