Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pigs and Pinot

The 4th annual Pigs and Pinot happens this weekend at Hotel Healdsburg and Dry Creek Kitchen. Charlie Palmer and many chefs are gathering with some of the world renown Pinot Noir producers for will be quite a not to be missed event.

Several of my close friends tend to be huge Pinot Noir fans and they each claim the opinion on those wines is the one that should be followed. One is not far from staking his life on CA Pinots being superior to OR Pinots. One that discovered French Pinot last year and can't wait to taste the French producer this year. Then we have those that love CA Pinots in general verses the Appellation designate Pinots. I just want to enjoy good wine and discover new wines. What can I say but this will be a lively night at the Grand Tasting at the Hotel Healdsburg. Who will reign supreme amongst our tasting group and how will our panel compare to the experts who decide the Pinot Cup to be awarded this weekend. Stayed tuned for the results.

Events such as this always has a cause on one of the benefactors for Pigs and Pinot is The Healdsburg School. Charlie is a visionary in his own profession and lucky for THS that his vision encompasses other fields. Great cause and great food/wine will make this a rockin' weekend. Events such as this bring out the best in people and brings people together from all walks of life that share a common interest-food/wine and the wine country life style. I love wine, wine country, the people and everything I get to experience on a daily basis. I'm lucky and blessed to have this opportunity and my goal is to figure out a solution so I can share this feeling and experience with everyone I meet.

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