Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Bud Break Begins

The 2009 season has begun and ironicly it began in our Viognier rows. Ok. it really should have but it seemed like the perfect place as we lost all of our fruit in those rows due to the turkeys. Just is fitting that the new life begins in that part of our vineyard.

I must admit that I love seeing the new growth this time of year-who wouldn't love seeing the birth of our future wine. This time gives us a jumpstart as we walk into the spring season and gives us almost a feeling that we will be taken on an adventure for the next 6-9+ months. What will 2009 bring us from the vineyards this year? Will we be taken on a roller coaster ride again like 2008 with all the extreme conditions? We had great fruit but the stomach acids were kicked into high gear.

Will this season bring the vast range of conditions as 2008? Who really knows but some farmers in the valley are predicting 1 more hard frost! I really hope not but as one of my neighbors said to me last year-"Welcome to the life of a farmer." One lives, eats and breathes each vintage from the start of bud break to the release of the wine. It's such an ever changing cycle of life with the best part being the final product-WINE!

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