Monday, February 16, 2009

Continuing Journey

People have been aware that something has been in the works for quite some time and finally, the project was launched. This was not an easy decision but I believe the right one.

I have been asked numerous times what the reason was to
change the image. Simply put, we are evolving as a winery. The Founders laid superb ground work for the winery and it's wine program and we continue to use the fundamental principles from them as we grow. As in everyday life, things progress and move forward. Our family gave the Founding families a promise that we would take care of Dutcher Crossing and guide it during the positive growth for this generation.

That being said, it was a perfect time to unveil a fresh look. Kerry and I have continued to add distinctive vineyards to our wine program over the last 2 years. 2 of those wines have just been released and 2 more will be released during this year. Our winemakers keep improving the wines-which thrills me as well as our consumers. So with the release of the new wines, it was a perfect time to launch the our story and the philosophy of the winery.

What the bicycle represents is simple-the journey that my father and I took into wine country. The actual high wheel bicycle was the last gift from my father. Sadly, he passed away just a few months prior to the purchase of the winery. Our new mark represents our shared passion about the wine industry, our vision to be apart of it and a fathers power to inspire a daughter to chase dreams. My father taught me that if one was going to do something then it should be done right. With that as our philosophy, we continue, under Kerry Damskey's watchful eye, to hand craft our wines and honor the artisan way of life. Our journey continues as we strive to craft premium wines and share in the wine country experience with our friends and family.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upcoming Release

What is more fun than the anticipation of an upcoming release? Not much else for me. We have 2 new upcoming releases-2007 Bernier-Sibary Zinfandel and 2007 Maple Zinfandel-Bill's Block. Both are Italian field blends, distinctively different and first timers for us. Should I describe them now? I think not as we're just days away from the release so I will let everyone have a neutral mind as they first experience these 2 beauties. I can tell you this that the staff is equally split as to which one is their favorite. Kerry and I rave about each of them every time we drink them.
The one great thing about these wines is it has turned on a few no Zinfandel drinkers to the amazing qualities of Zinfandel. It really is hard not to appreciate the elegance of what Zinfandel should be after one has tried these wines. What's the down fall as there always is a short coming to great things? Our production is limited. I guess that could be a positive or negative depending on one's point of view.
Expect me to write about the fabulous qualities of the wines soon. I'll share with you wine club families view on them as well as the growers themselves( they usually are our toughest critics). Ker and I have as much fun seeing/hearing everyone take on the wines as we do when we drink them.