Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proprietor's Cabernet is Finally Released

The long wait is over. The 06 PR Cab has finally been released. It's a difficult decision to make as to the release of wine and to be honest, it's something I struggle with from time to time. While I have the understanding that DC wine club family members are knowledgeable about the blend and how it develops, it is difficult letting it out of the chute when it's so young. As all of us have heard many times, you only get one chance to make a first impression. With that being said, what is the first impression we give about the PR Cab when it is so young and for many people, it's their first experience with a good Cab/Syrah blend.

That's where my winemakers come into play. Their passion for Syrah and blending it with Dry Creek Cabernet is contagious. As a long time Merlot fan, I have been a little partial to Cabernets that have some Merlot. Let's be honest, for many of us, Merlot was our first experience with red wine. Plus, our first quality Cabernets we encountered were most likely a Bordeaux blend from France. How many of us really had much experience with the Aussies style reds until the recent decade? Not many as Australia has really starting to come into their own over the last 10 years. So maybe I'm partial to our Cabernet-Syrah blends because during my time searching for a winery, I had Aussie consultants. But those Aussies love much more than just Syrah (Shiraz)! They get the concept of making food friendly wines which is what we love to do.

My staff does a really nice job educating new people all about the Cabernet-Syrah blend and why we do it. Not only is it important for the Dry Creek fruit we use but the Syrah soften the Cabernet and helps to create food friendly elegant wines. I think we have a good product with our PR Cabernet and it's rewarding to see people enjoying the wine even when it's so young. We hear more and more comments stating that they could drink it with almost any food. Our key seems to be that we work hard on educating the consumer on all aspects of each specific wine and that allows them to understand our young wines. If we do the work we need to, we should be able to overcome releasing a little early.

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