Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holidays and Chardonnay

My TR Assistant Manager, Sam, and I were working on a special flight which led us to tasting our Chardonnays. For me, Chardonnay and holidays go hand in hand. Quite honestly, I tend to drink more Chardonnay during the holidays then any other time during the year. While I can't say I'm partial to one over another, each has their place with meals and special occasions. I'm still drinking 06 Stuhlmuller and 06 Costello and enjoying those to the fullest but as Sam and I tasted the 07 vintage from those vineyards on Friday. I have to say, they were REALLY good. We made the choice not to pour them as they are still young but I am going to rethink that now. I have to tell you -our new Russian River 07 Saralee Chardonnay is a shining star for being a first release from that vineyard. It's one of those things that just makes an owner smile. Who wouldn't when the better wines are created every year. We've even converted some "I only like Cabernet Sauvignon"drinkers to add our Dutcher Crossing Chardonnays to their cellars. That's a great way to start the holidays.

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