Monday, October 20, 2008

End of an Era for Our Old Vines

It's the end of an era for our old vines and I have to tell you, I'm sad about seeing them go. Even though I only have that a short time to spend with them, it's difficult to see part of our history being ripped out of the ground. 33 years is a long time.

We have made the right business decision for the winery regarding the change. It would have occurred whether we were here or not actually. Jim and Bruce had it in their long term plans to rip and replant. There was nothing wrong with the vines with the exception that they were growing older and the production was decreasing every year. But that doesn't make it any easier.

They have helped us produce gold medal winning Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet. We have used them as part of our educational program and to be honest, it has been interesting to be able to see first hand how the wine industry has changed over the years with respect to planting of vines. But those fans of Proprietor's Reserve Cab-DON'T WORRY. We have Cabernet planted in the vineyard and as Kerry said to me-"Wow, our PR CAB won medals for us already. Can you image how yummy it will be with better clones?" With my Winemaker enthusiastic about the direction of the vineyard, wines and everything that is happening, it helps re enforce that fact that we are taking the steps in the right direction.

Dutchess seems to be the one that is taking this the hardest. It was her favorite place to run though the vines and chase bunnies. She doesn't understand what they are doing to our hide and seek area. She'll come around when she sees them cut the vines down. Doggie heaven for her as she adores big sticks. For those of you that want a vine as a remembrance, give us a call and we'll put one aside for you to pick up.

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