Friday, September 5, 2008

Maple Grapes Have Arrived

We are in full swing at the winery and I must say-it's pretty darn fun being here at DCW ground zero. The grapes are starting to arrive quickly now as the sugars are spiking due to the heat. With Kerry out in the vineyards checking the BRIX of the grapes, Dan is directing the action here on the home front.

This week the Maple Zinfandel grapes arrived and to my delight, Bill's Block from the Maple Vineyard too. I'll get to the reason of my delight in a few lines but first things first. We were actually a few days early if you compare the arrival time to 2007 Harvest. If they had their choice it would have even been a few days earlier but the heat and scheduling of pickers delayed it. DCW winemakers were pleased with the BRIX and flavors were what we were looking for so in the final compromise, our customers should have another outstanding Zinfandel to put on the tables. I will definitely keep everyone posted on the progress of the wine during the next several months.
Bill's Block arrived as well. Good thing to as we are sold out of the 2007 vintage already-and we haven't even bottled it yet. It's our first time to pre-sell out of any wine. Makes me quite proud of my winemakers to create a wine that excites people this much from barrel. To be honest, it was nice to see the 2008 Bill's Block grapes arrive as I already have demands for it. It's a hard concept to get use to bee sold out before we even bottle the wine but gosh-what a great feeling.
Stay tuned for updates from this week as we are planning to crush several more wines.

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