Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bernier/Sibary Arrive!

What can I say but I LOVE it when the growers bring in their grapes personally. Having Paul Bernier and Scott Sibary transport their grapes tells a story. They are all serious about their fruit and the relationships with the wineries. Now, many people may just assume that the growers bring in the fruit. That is FAR from reality. We are lucky. The growers we have relationships with are special and unique. Either Kerry or I are in direct contact not only with the vineyard managers but the owners themselves. We don't deal with producers that are looking to over crop the vines or that are large growers. These are special people that are hands on with their business-that's why we deal with them. Sure, there are vineyards out there that grow outstanding fruit but there is much more to it for us. We want to develop relationships with the growers. We want to be able to work with them when it comes to the fruit they are growing that goes into our product. We look for people that are interested in giving us not only the fruit but the fruit that meets our expectations. We have those vineyards/growers as part of our Vineyards designate programs. It's easy to take pride in our Vineyard designate wines because the pride starts in the fields.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the story some time about how you made your dream a reality. How finally make the move from Wisconsin?

Debra Mathy said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will blog about that very soon.