Saturday, August 2, 2008

Petanque Court Near Completition

Our wait is nearing the final stages. DCW Petanque court in close to competition. For those of you that are wondering-Petanque? It's basically the French version of Bocce Ball. Both the French and Italians would cringe at that comparison but C'est la vie!
One could wonder why on earth I wanted the court built. Good question. I'll give the credit to Kerry but honestly, he could not have foreseen this coming during the dinner conversation when I was first introduced to Petanque. My first month as the new Proprietor, Kerry and his wife, Daisy invited me over for dinner. They wanted to help introduce me to people in my new community and thought the Petanque league would be perfect place to start. OK, I went home thinking I hadn't understood them very well-surely I must have had too much to drink. Petanque? Well, Daisy had actually taken the time to investigate getting me involved in the league and the results were-no spots open but I could come to certain social parties with the group. Well, the year went by and I have to admit that I was chasing hard with the winery so it was a blessing I wasn't in the league. But..... this year rolled around and I spoke consistently about the league to Laura (one of my wine club members AND a Petanque league member). She helped me connect with my fabulous partner, Alain, and we are 2nd alternates in the league with our good buddies as alternates right behind us.
So with the ground work laid, I made the build decision for 2 reasons. First, it's great addition for the winery and our customers. Secondly, I needed a practice court and a place for us rebels to have our own Petanque rebel league. As Truman and I agreed, if we can't get into the Big Bouler league yet-we'll create our own league in the interim. What's not to love about the sport-drinking a glass of wine, hanging with friends and lots of trash talking and friendly competition. Last count, we have 6-7 teams ready to hang out. Come one , come all-we'll welcome you with open arms and a glass of wine.

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Carolynne said...

Hi, Deb! I just had to comment and introduce myself. My name is Carolynne, my husband Bryce and I spent our Honeymoon this July out in California, and we had the priviledge of stopping at your tasting room during our travels through wine country ( We loved your wines (especially the Maple Zin!) so much that we joined your wine club ... which is how I found your blog. =)

I just had to say hello because I saw that you were from the mid-west (I'm from Michigan!) and had such a passion for wine that you ran off to California and started your own winery. I love it! Here in Michigan we have our own little wine country up north in Traverse City and I have dreamed for many years of quiting my day job and buying a winery. I can't think of anything better in the whole world. I love that you did it, and I am so looking forward to our first shipment!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and "you rock!". =)