Monday, August 18, 2008

Having Fun Being Energy Conscience

OK-Who says you can't have fun and be environmentally conscience? Not DCW! We have recently acquired a Segway to travel in our vineyards. It's our way of continuing to take steps forward in becoming an energy efficient/conscience business. As hopefully many of you know, DCW installed solar panels on the winery and at the house. We just decided to take it to the next step and evaluate where we could improve our energy use.

Our mule is used two ways mainly. The most important way is our vineyard tours. Secondly, we spend time traveling in our vines and around our property for various reasons. Now, we will still use the mule for our tours as I assume no one wants in have a piggyback ride while I'm driving the Segway. But we realized that we actually used the mule chasing around the vineyard much more than once thought. We really wanted to reduce our fuel consumption. After an in depth search, we came up with two options-bicycles and a Segway. A bike is always my first choice of transportation (and if you are here at certain times, you'll see Dutchess running beside me while I bike the vineyards) but I can't say my entire staff shares that same view. Especially when it's 106+ degrees out in the vineyard. So, we've added a Segway.

Many people asked "Why and how would it work in the vineyard?". Segway makes a x2 model. Built specifically to be an all terrain product. It's tough and roughed-ready to take us where we need to go. With deep tread tires and a wider base, this allows us to travel in nearly any condition we'll face in the vineyard. Well-maybe not the current condition in our fallow field with the deep trenches. Joe and I are not that skilled yet to tackle those. We can travel 12 miles on a charged battery and zip along at speed of 12.5 mph. We haven't maxed out the speed yet as 7-8 mph feels like you're flying-we can't imagine the 12.5 mph but I'm sure we'll have a go at it sooner than later.

I'm still and always will be a bicycle girl for my preferred choice of transportation but we believe that this Segway will help reduce our fuel use. We use at least 2 tanks of gas per month for the mule and our hope is to reduce our use to max of 1 tank every 2 months. Some people may think it's too little of an amount to make a different but WE DON'T! Every single amount of conservation adds up and if everyone starts to do their part-that's when we'll start to see progress. Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone go purchase a Seway or electric car but think before you travel-car pool, ride your bike or even walk. Everything and everyone can make a difference and we need to start now before it's too late. I only have one piece of advice-DON'T LET KERRY DRIVE A SEGWAY IF YOU GET ONE-HE CRASHED OURS INTO THE WINERY ALREADY!


notesfromthemitten said...

Just got an email that our wine club shippment went out yesterday. Can't wait!


Debra Mathy said...

Hope you enjoy the wines.