Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Harvest 2008 Has Begun

Wow-a year has passed and we are harvesting again. Our first grapes (Sauvignon Blanc) arrived Thursday. Hard to believe one year has passed since I dumped the first bin of Sauvignon Blanc grapes last year. To be honest, my headed isn't spinning so fast for this harvest. That doesn't mean that we're not chasing hard-it simply means I have a better understanding that grapes come when they come.

Last year I had a hard time grasping the uncertain time table for harvest. Sure, I knew what was going to happen but the reality was, it was hard for me to learn/accept that we can't have things scheduled as I would like for harvest. We sample and sample until Kerry calls for the pick of a vineyard with 48 hour notice. I had a hard time scheduling other appointments as I was uncertain as to when grapes were to arrive and to be honest, I didn't want to miss seeing each vineyard's grapes arrive-it was my first harvest and I was excited. I'm just as excited but I understand what I need to do now with scheduling. I simply schedule all my other activities and meeting and if I need to cancel so be it. Everyone in the area understands it's harvest and don't take offense to cancellations. If I had known last year that I could have said-Grapes are coming in, I'm going to have to cancel-I would have a few less gray hairs.

This harvest has a different feel for me. I have better relationships with each grower this year. I gotten to know them and appreciate their vineyards and have developed a friendship with several. I was always passionate from the first day I started to pursue the wine industry but that passion continues to multiply everyday. I have a greater sense of pride/responsibility for each vineyard when the fruit comes in. Knowing the growers well, drives me-they have put their trust in DCW to "do right" by the fruit and their name that is associated with it. I don't want to let them down-only exceed their expectations. Secondly, I desire to have great fruit and wine for our DCW family/club members and our future customers. All of that starts in the vineyard and then crush.

We're just getting started for this Harvest. Some of the Maple Zinfandel grapes are due in tomorrow continuing thru Wednesday. Costello and Comstock are arriving this week as well. Will be a busy time on the crush pad this week. Stay tuned for updates and pictures every few days as I'll keep you briefed on our progress.

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