Monday, July 21, 2008

Table Turned on Proprietor and Winemaker

What can I say but Alaska rocked!

It was the Damskeys and my first time (but not our last) up to Alaska. We were approached by an association we belong to about traveling to do a winemakers dinner. OK, our first response was "where is it?" and when told Alaska, The Damskeys and I jumped at the chance. We decided why not as we had never been there and always wanted to go. Now, for those of you that have met us, you can imagine how non-stop we spoke about this trip. I think everyone we met knew we were headed to the great white way. In fact, I think DCW staff was more excited to see us go as the day came so they wouldn't have to hear us ramble on anymore.
Having arrived around Midnight (YIKES), we were exhausted but ready to go on Wednesday for our tour and dinner at night. How cool is it that a wine club member was our tour guide! Both Kerry and I taking the tour from a wine club member instead of giving one-can't say that has happened before. Lisa and her daughter Chloe were just fab too. She took us several places and didn't even laugh at us when it seemed like we had our noses pressed to the window checking out the scenery. Of course we saw some blue ice and glaciers but moose too. Finished the afternoon having lunch on top of the mountain at the ski resort. Such a nice tour with great people-that alone made our trip and we hadn't even arrived at the dinner yet.
The winemakers dinner was at a lovely restaurant called Kincaids. All native Alaskan inspired cuisine that was paired with Dutcher Crossing wines. The chef really did an outstanding job. He paired some wine with dishes that we would not have thought worked until we tasted them. He was spot on with all the pairing. I have to admit that I was thrilled no reindeer was served. I jokingly commented about having reindeer sausage the day before and didn't have a clue as to what wine would match. The WHOLE room quickly commented that our Maple Zin would work. That made me laugh as Alaska is really becoming a wine drinking state if they're pairing it with reindeer sausage.
Overall, we had an incredible time but one thing stood out the most. THE PEOPLE. Everyone we had dealings with were outstanding salt of the earth folks. That alone makes me want go visit again. Heck, Kerry and I are rarely on the other side of a tour-with Alaska folks playing tour guide, we'd happily take the opportunity to be in their hands again.


Ed Northcutt said...

Glad you had a great time. Everyone knows Maple Zin goes with everthing.

Debra Mathy said...

No doubt-but reindeer?!

Nancy Brown said...

Next time you go back to Alaska, check out Kirsten Dixon's Not only is Kirsten the co-owner of several Alaskan resorts with her husband, Carl, she is a top-notch chef and award winning cookbook author. She has winemaker dinners and is very well known in Anchorage. Her daughter, Mandy, is the pastry chef at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc.