Thursday, July 24, 2008

Must have had too much wine

I must have drank too much wine prior to my nephew and niece arriving at the winery-I emptied a few barrels. William turned 19 the day before traveling to DCW so I waited until he got here to give him his gift. As our tradition has been, I always do something unique in "wrapping" the gift. Buried it 10 feet deep on a beach, hid it in cement and even did my version of FEAR FACTOR. Being a Vintner, it only seemed logical that it be wine related this year.

All that was said to him was it was hidden in a barrel on the crush pad. Now what kind of person has to drive a fork lift to find his present-MY NEPHEW! I had great laughs watching him move barrels, spin them around and peek inside the bung holes! I absolutely love the mental image of
his expression when I told him it was hidden in the barrel. Even more watching them peek into the barrels. Sometimes I'm stunned at the stupid things I think are funny-love that my niece and nephew can laugh with their Aunt Bug.


littlepurplecow said...

Speaking of "too much wine" - it was so great to meet you at the Kirtsy/Alltop pre-BlogHer party at Guy Kawasaki's home last week. Your wine is incredibly good and you're as cool as they come. Can't wait to return to San Francisco and visit your winery one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kid,

Your brother said you were in CA!! And looks and sounds like you are having fun. I'm at the southern part of CA now...if I'm ever that far north I'll look you up...Di

Sheila Saccomanno said...

The Dutcher's Crossing Team are doing an amazing job. Last night we had the Sauvignon Blanc with this great citrus salmon and lemon risotto meal that my husband and friends prepared and it was just fabulous!! Afterwards I said that we need to get more of this and here today I go on-line and find the great deal of buying 6 whites (which I just did). We love the Dry Creek area and wish we could visit every year. Our last visit was August 2005 and that is when we became Founder's Club members and one of the best moves that we made. We are so looking forward to our next shipment. Good luck with this years harvest! Sheila Saccomanno

Debra Mathy said...

Thanks Sheila-
Sauvignon Blanc was the very first wine I had from DCW. Kerry (my head winemaker) Cheryl (my VP) and I drank some of that last night with Thai food. We're in the process of bottling-so stay tuned for our first Pinot Noir to be released this year. We hope to see you again very soon.We can play Petanque on our new court and drink some wine.